Pay It Forward + what's next

by Pressure Drop

Pay It Forward

From the beginning of the lockdown we have been running a pay it forward program, where online shop customers ordering a full case could nominate the pub or retailer of their choice and we would apply £25 credit to their wholesale account.
We've had such a tremendous response over the last 2 months, with 371 nominations coming in through our webshop.  
This translates to a whopping £9125 worth of credits that we've sent out to pubs, bars, restaurants and retailers to help them get back on their feet once this all blows over. We're so proud to be able to do something tangible to support these businesses that support us, so we'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who placed an order and made a nomination.
We're so delighted that the program was such a success and we're now turning our attention to supporting another group in need.

Coronavirus has forced thousands to turn to food banks in the face of uncertain employment, whilst social distancing measures have made it very difficult for people to donate food items. 
For the month of May we are pledging to donate £10 for every order of £70 or more (before shipping) to the charity Sustain who work to tackle food poverty and are helping improve access to healthy food during this crisis.
This will be valid across the main webshop and the Local's Store, no need to add any notes just spend over £70 before shipping and we'll do the rest. We're also asking our customers to match our donation if they can, although there is no obligation to do so. 
Lastly we will be accepting food donations at The Experiment on Saturdays, so if you do plan to pop down please think about bringing a little something.