Stay Home. Order Beer. Help Pubs.

by Pressure Drop

12/04/2021 Update :

With pubs finally allowed to reopen, our Pay It Forward programme is now closed. 

Last year we implemented a Pay It Forward programme to help businesses in the hospitality sector to survive the first lockdown. With your help we gave out over £10,000 in credits to help keep the beer flowing and reduce some of the financial burden on venues forced to close.

The year we’d all like to forget is over, but with this new lockdown we’re looking at potentially many more months of hardship for an industry that has been dealt blow after blow with minimal support.

Under the new restrictions pubs, bars & restaurants are only able to sell alcohol via home delivery, with many venues simply opting to close as the logistics of this are far from easy. We’re devastated to think that many of the venues we all love may not reopen, so to do our bit to help we’re relaunching our Pay It Forward programme to give these venues some support where we can.

Starting Friday 15th January if you spend £70 or more on our web shop you can nominate a pub, bar, music venue or restaurant that has either been forced to close due to the restrictions or is only able to sell alcohol by home delivery to receive a £25 wholesale credit.  

The venue can use that credit to pay down existing invoices, buy cans to sell via home delivery or against future orders for when they are able to reopen and get the pints flowing. Just pop the venue name in the order notes section and we'll do the rest.

We hope to be able to repeat the success of last year's effort and deliver beer to all of you staying at home, while still supporting the venues we wish we could visit.  

*Please note the pay it forward programme does not cover bottle shops, as they are not affected by the lockdown restrictions.