Opulence! You Own Everything! Sundae!

by Pressure Drop

When I first tasted this beer, Escape Pod immediately reminded me of my favourite chocolate growing up in Australia- the Golden Rough.

These little discs of chocolate and coconut were up at the counter of every supermarket, next to the Freddo Frogs, Curly Whirlys & Caramello Koalas; my sisters and I begged Mum for one on every shopping trip.

For this epic adult sundae I whipped up a vanilla ice cream rippled through with sauce made from this truly decadent beer. I wanted to keep the recipe simple and not rely on any specialist equipment (my kitchen sure 'aint big enough for an ice cream machine) but still achieve an ice cream that is light and rich and with no ice crystals. It turns out all you need is the super special ingredient- condensed milk, who'd-a-thunk-it!

Once the ice cream is made it's all about going ham wild on the toppings. We've got homemade Golden Rough, fresh cherries, more coconut, cherry sauce, marshmallows, a bit of rosemary for a savoury note and then I topped the whole thing off with a bit more beer!

Opulence! You Own Everything! Sundae!


Vanilla bean Ice cream 

397g tin sweetened condensed milk

600ml double cream

1/2tsp Vanilla Bean paste or 1 x fresh vanilla bean


Escape Pod Ripple sauce
1 x Can of Escape Pod

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk


Coconut Rough

1 block of dark chocolate

1 cup desiccated coconut (toasted in the oven to golden brown)

sprinkle of coconut shavings


To garnish

Fresh cherries

Cherry jam

more coconut


cacao nibs

toasted marshmallows



(you get the idea... go nuts)

Opulence! You Own Everything! Sundae!