Great Heights

by Pressure Drop

We make a lot of big IPAs, fruited sours and intensely hopped pales ales, but there is no doubting the ability of a simply constructed, beautifully crafted pilsner to bring a smile to the face of our brewers at the end of the day.

We’ve brewed a version of this unfiltered pilsner over the Christmas holidays for the last three years, taking advantage of the tanks being available for lagering during the holiday downtime. The anticipation and first sip of tank fresh pilsner as we return to the brewery in the new year has become a real highlight for us.

Our first pilsner was made in collaboration with Pete Lengyel from KCBC Brewers in New York and his advice from that brew helps form the foundation of all the pilsners we make today:

Keep it simple.
Quality malts & traditional hops.
Give it time.
No cutting corners!

And boy does it all pay off!

We use Weyermann Premium Pilsner malt grown and malted in Bamberg, Upper Franconia in Germany, where many consider the home of pilsner malting.
We add a blend of Perle and Mittelfruh hops to the boil, enough to provide a touch of orange and spice against the sweet honey and bread notes of the malt.
Then there’s time…You've got to give it time.
Six weeks in our case, at minus one Celsius. This long rest lets those honeyed malt notes blend with the hops to create a balance and harmony of flavour. Harsh edges are rounded out, clarity and crispness develops. This is where your perfectly passable pilsner is elevated to the top of the league. Well, we certainly think so.

It’s a running joke that once packaged we have to be quick to sell it before the staff drink it all after work. Fortunately, Great Heights always proves popular with our customers and all too soon for the brewers this beer has been and gone for another year.

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