• Bosko 6.5% IPA
  • Bosko 6.5% IPA

Bosko 6.5% IPA

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ABV: 6.5%
Style: Old School West Coast IPA
Hops: Mosaic & Simcoe & Citra

The IPA has been on a one hell of a journey during Pressure Drop’s lifetime. Having taken low-bitterness styles and fruity hops to their extremes, now the brewing world is looking back to West Coast IPAs in search of those malty profiles and dank aromas.

Since 2014, Bosko has kept the West Coast fire burning here at Pressure Drop. Tipping its baseball cap to the first American IPAs to make it to the UK, Bosko is the most classic style in the Pressure Drop West Coast family. The light sweetness in the crystal malt balances seamlessly with aromatic hops. The combination results in an IPA that wears its inspirations on its sleeve and has its own special place on today’s varied and delicious IPA tapestry.

hoppy • hazy • juicy • bitter • malty • fruity • TART •