We won an award!!

Thanks Honest Brew!

We work hard on our beer. There are a lot of demands on a small team running an independent business so we don’t always take time to reflect on where we’re at as a brewery. So it was a nice surprise to hear that we’d won an award for visual excellence in the Honest Brew 2019 Independent Beer Awards. Chuffed! Thanks Honest Brew.

The process of deciding on what goes on our labels is not always an easy one. We all care deeply about the face we’re presenting to the world and that can lead to disagreements. The labels need to do a lot of work for us, present the brewery’s personality in an engaging way and tempt the drinker into parting with their hard earned cash. Discussion can be lively, but the group approach is a good filter and strengthens the results.

We’ve worked with a lot of artists, designers, photographers and illustrators since we started in 2013. Each of them have contributed to the diversity of expression that we’ve achieved on our labels. We don’t really have rules for what goes on the labels, except maybe that it shouldn’t be something we’ve done before. We value diversity so we’re always on the look out for label inspiration.

Thanks again to Honest Brew for recognising our efforts, thanks to all the artists who’ve provided us with amazing imagery and thanks to our customers for getting it!

Special thanks to Francis Redman, who gave us a solid base to build from when he designed our logo and branding as we were starting out, and continues to make sure we look on point.