Behind the scenes

Meet the people behind the beer

Being a small and independent company is something that we are really proud of here at Pressure Drop. We operate with a team of just 8 people and while this makes for a lot of hard work, we think it is one of our best attributes.

So without further ado- meet the gang! 


Our Craig is a master of the brew house. If you’ve had a Pressure Drop beer in the last year, chances are Craig either made it for you or put it in the bottle or keg. His official title is Wet Floor Manager, which sounds a bit like he is in charge of spills, in reality he is much more vital to our operation and we don’t know what we’d do without him.

Where you are from: Runcorn

What did you do before you worked in beer: Photographic Assistant

Desert island beer: Lost & Grounded – Keller Pils

Guilty pleasure beer: Can of Red Stripe


Brewery co-founder,  dedicated runner and father of three.  Graham looks after all things art and design for the brewery, making sure our labels are always looking super sweet.  At one point he was ranked 5th in Britain for mini-golf.

Where you are from: London

What did you do before you worked in beer: I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. I wasn’t, I was self employed as a gardener. Also parenting.

Desert island beer: Tilquin Oude Geuze would have the right balance of drinkability and complexity for a desert island.

Guilty pleasure beer: I try not to feel guilty about drinking beer. I enjoyed a bottle of Cobra with a curry yesterday. Does that count? Should have been a Wu Gang, but that beer hasn’t secured its rightful place as the default option in all curry houses yet.
It is available at Dishoom though…


Sienna looks after Marketing, Sales, Social Media & Events- a bit of everything. She loves a good GIF and is currently trying to convert our office into a greenhouse. You’ll probably recognise her dog, Taco- he is known to frequent many a craft beer bar…

Where you are from:  A little town in the Australian rainforest called Tamborine Mountain (that isn’t a spelling mistake)

What did you do before you worked in beer:  I’ve worked in beer for almost all of my professional life- there is one year, post high school, that was a blur of nightclubs & cocktail bars before I saw the light.

Desert island beer: I don’t think I can just pick one.. Thats like asking you to pick your favourite child…

Guilty pleasure beer: XXXX Gold. I’m a terrible Queenslander and only drank this for the first time on my last visit home. I wish I had one right now…


Co-founder & head brewer, Ben worked all over the world as an engineer before sacking it all off to go and brew in a shed.

He has nice hair.

Where you are from: Cornwall

What did you do before you worked in beer: Civil Engineer

Desert island beer: Saison Dupont

Guilty pleasure beer: Mali-bombs at Five Miles (if you haven’t tried one you really should)


Clare does Sales, Marketing & Events, another all rounder in our tiny team.  She used to help us out way back in the days when we were hand bottling all of our beers in Hackney so it’s great to have her with us full time.

Where you are from: Roscommon, Ireland. Home to the Roscommon Lamb Festival and a football stadium that overlooks a graveyard.

What did you do before you worked in beer: I taught English to French business people, because the more people that can sound like Roscommon people the better.

Desert island beer: The Kernel Table Beer. I want to maintain a consistent level of buzzed on this island.

Guilty pleasure beer: Guilt is a pointless emotion which only compromises our own personal development but if anyone comes between me and a lager shandy when I’m on my holidays I will flay them alive.


Brewery co-founder, Arsenal fan, Norwegian speaker & great cook.

Sam looks after the business side of things, he keeps us in the green, directs our small but mighty sales team and is quite partial to the occasional afternoon nap on a malt sack.

Where you are from: London

What did you do before you worked in beer: IT Project Manager

Desert island beer: a fresh Kernel Pale Ale with a nice combination of A-list American hops (e.g. Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo, Citra)

Guilty pleasure beer:  No guilt, but I really enjoy traditional British beers like Adnams Broadside while I’m cooking a Sunday lunch


Brad came on board full time in the summer of 2018, but has been working part time at the brewery for quite some time. Brad spends his time at the brewery putting beer into bottles & kegs, moving things around our warehouse and asking lots of questions.

Where you are from: Toronto, Canada

What did you do before you worked in beer: Professional racquet stringer (he has strung for all the Pros) 

Desert island beer:  Blood Brothers Paradise Lost Yuzu Gose

Guilty pleasure beer:  Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Radler


One of our 3 brewers, Katie mainly looks after wort production but also helps out with lab testing, QC and is the head of our sours & barrel aging programs. Her favourite emoji is the black hole. 

Where you are from: Canada / Yorkshire

What did you do before you worked in beer: Artist

Desert island beer: Burdock – Té