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12 hoppy beers! 

2 x Alligator Tugboat 7.2% Simcoe IPA

2 x Pale Fire 4.8% Pale Ale

2 x Plant The Seed 6.2% IPA - Burning Sky Collaboration

2 x Ja 3.2% Session IPA

2 x Near Earth Objects 6.5% New England IPA

2 x King Queen Knave 5.2% New England Pale Ale

Embark on a hop-fueled adventure with Pressure Drop's "Hops Hops Hops Box", a carefully curated collection of 12 craft beers. This box is a celebration of hops, featuring a diverse mix of IPA, Pale Ale, and New England IPA. Each can in this selection is a testament to our love for bold flavours and innovative brewing.

Why the 'Hops Hops Hops Box'?

  • Hop-Forward Assortment: A perfect blend of IPA, Pale Ale, and the hazy, juicy world of New England IPA.
  • Craft Beer Excellence: Crafted with precision and passion, each beer is a showcase of quality and creativity.
  • Versatile for Every Occasion: This box is designed to please at any gathering or as a delightful solo experience.

Inside Your Box:

  • Flavorful Diversity: Experience the crisp, bitter edge of our west coast styles, the smooth, nuanced notes of our Pale Ales, and the tropical, lush taste of our New England IPAs.
  • Peak Freshness & Quality: We ensure each beer is as fresh as it is flavourful, encapsulating the essence of craft brewing.
  • A Craft Beer Odyssey: The 'Hops Hops Hops Box' is your ticket to exploring the diverse landscape of hop-centric beers.

Why Choose Pressure Drop?

  • Innovative Craft Brewers: We're recognised for our inventive approach to craft beer, constantly pushing the envelope.
  • Local and Independent: Brewed in the heart of London, by our small team. We're proud to be a small independent business. 
  • Consistent Quality and Recognition: Our beers are not just brewed; they're crafted for excellence, winning hearts and awards alike.

Enjoyment Tips:

  • Chill and Relish: Serve these beers chilled to appreciate their full spectrum of flavors.
  • Ideal Food Pairings: These beers are great with a range of foods, from grilled meats to artisanal cheeses.

Get Your Box Now: Dive into the hoppy universe with Pressure Drop's "Hops Hops Hops Box". Available for a limited time – secure your journey through IPA, Pale Ale, and NEIPA today!

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