Wu Gang Chops the Tree

Foraged Herb Hefeweisse 3.8%

herbal notes / great with curry

We brewed a version of this beer the third time we ever brewed together on our pilot brew kit in 2012. The idea was to combine the flavours of wheat beer; clove, bread and banana, with some foraged herbs to create a beer that would go perfectly with roast chicken.

The recipe has remained largely unchanged since those early days and while it does go well with chicken, we’ve found that this is probably our most versatile food pairing beer. One classic combination is Wu Gang with Tayyabs  tandoori lamb chops. As Tayyabs is a BYOB restaurant you need to stock up on your way! Try Shelly Wines at 193 Whitechapel Road, they always have a good stock of Pressure Drop beers in.

The Wu Gang label by Ching Li Chew depicts the Chinese proverb that inspired the name of the beer. Ching Li wanted to reward people for picking up the bottle and fiddling with it. As you turn the bottle in your hand Wu Gang’s tree is cut then re-sprouts in an endless cycle.