Saratoga Springs

Citra & Sabro DDH New England Pale 5.8%

The smell of freshly cut grass. Excitement in the air. Long stretches of sunlight in the evening. Fresh laundry drying on the line. The carnival comes to town.

Saratoga Springs is all about that thirst quenching next sip. Sabro & Citra hops alongside London Ale yeast give this DDH pale a fresh spin. Tropical coconut aromas with a bone dry finish, Saratoga Springs is an altogether cleaner & zestier DDH pale than some of its hazy siblings.

The label for Saratoga Springs is a photograph taken at Disneyland Tokyo by Sienna. Evoking long balmy summer nights, Saratoga Springs also delivers an ever-so-slightly unsettling hint of the uncanny.