DDH Pale Ale 5.5%

hoppy / hazy / soft

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, and when the flow is delicious hoppy, hazy beer then its not such a bad thing. Our mission for Parachute was to create a soft stage for the hops to dance on. We focused on the idea of softness and worked on the water profile to achieve the mouthfeel we were after. Low bitterness was key to the plan, as was a grain bill with the inclusion of oats and wheat to build the texture of the beer. When it came to the hops we used our recent experience with our Pale Series beers to inform the choice; Ekuanot and HBC431 both being stand-outs. We also included Citra to put the matter beyond any doubt.

The first dry-hop takes place during active fermentation, we then hop again post fermentation to bring the total dry-hop rate up to 16g/L.

We’re very pleased with the results of this mini-adventure into New England territory. The beer is gold coloured and hazy, with a rich aroma of hops, low bitterness and a soft palate that allows the hops to express their fruity goodness.