Rye IPA 6.2%

We fell in love with IPA back when its key defining features were bold hops, a higher ABV & assertive bitterness. The style has come a long way from this point and we really love the new soft, fruit-filled IPAs that are dominating the scene right now- but Mimic is not one of those beers…

The ‘C’ hops sing with notes of zesty citrus, pine, & resin, while the rye brings a subtle spice followed by a lingering bitterness that keeps you coming back for more. We’re throwing it back to our first taste of the fresh and hoppy West Coast IPAs that captured our imagination and led us to start our own brewery. Bitter..! I like it! 


Grist: Maris Otter, Rye, Torrified Wheat, Flaked Wheat

Yeast: US05

Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Columbus 

Additional notes:
Rye is a cultivated crop that was made possible by the process of Vavilovian mimicry. Originally a weed that grew alongside wheat & barely, rye underwent the same selective pressures to become a desirable crop in its own right.