Escape From The West Coast

Citra & Centennial West Coast IPA 7.4%

Pressure Drop presents… ESCAPE FROM THE WEST COAST.

Feel the sea spray on your face and prepare to hang tough.

Escape from the West Coast is a resinous journey down the California coast. Citra & Centennial hops are fresh and piney, with a bitter finish and a perceptible hint of dank.

The label is an homage both to 60s surf movies and horror movies of the same era. Think Gidget of the Black Lagoon. Pressure Drop founder Sam was inspired by B-movie credits as a label concept. This prompted Sienna to find some iconic snaps from her travels in and around Big Sur, and use her magic to create a label that is equal parts “I’m coming to get you Barbara” and “They only live to get radical”.