Strictly Roots

Dandelion and Burdock Porter

foraged / john the poacher

The idea for this beer (like all the best ideas) came from a chance meeting down the pub. We ran into John the Poacher in The Cock Tavern and got talking about Hackney Marshes, foraging and beer. Again, like a lot of good ideas, who actually came up with it first is shrouded in a haze of creativity, banter and drunkenness. Anyway the result is a uniquely local product that speaks eloquently of it’s provenance and Hackney’s terroir.

Pete Fowler designed the label for Strictly Roots! PETE FOWLER!! It’s unbelievable but true. He’s a legend and one of the most talented artist, designer, DJs in the history of the world ever and he did our label! Yes, get in!!