Stokey Brown

brown ale

Seasonal / burgers and beer

Is brown the new black? Probably not, but (as the Sex Pistols said) we don’t care. It may be unfashionable and overlooked but we think brown beer tastes good. Stokey Brown has a juicy combination of five malts including crystal, chocolate and amber and enough American hops to satisfy most ardent hop-heads.

You’ve had burger and beer, but have you ever tried a burger with a brown ale? The caramelised flavours from both the grilled beef and the darker malted barley in the beer work perfectly together.

Strolling along the Southbank and perusing the book and postcard stalls one Sunday afternoon, Sam came across this early 20th Century picture of Stoke Newington Church Street. Looking at the scene things haven’t changed that much, except perambulators have been replaced with high-tech baby transportation systems. We started our brewery in Stoke Newington and it seemed appropriate to pay homage on the label.

STYLE: Brown Ale

ABV: 5.1%

MALT: Marris Otter, Pilsner Malt, Light Crystal, Chocolate Malt, Amber Malt

HOPS: Magnum, Chinook, Centennial, Columbus


TASTING NOTES: Complex malty beer with enough  US hops to satisfy even the most ardent hophead.