Pale Fire

pale ale

fresh n tasty beer / poolside

When we started out in Graham’s garden shed, making a good pale ale was one of our first objectives. It took us many attempts to come up with a recipe that we were happy with. Now it’s our best selling beer and accounts for half our total production. It’s our house pale ale and a beer that we are proud to brew and delighted to drink.

We’re also proud and delighted that Pale Fire is a favourite in our nearest pub; The Chesham Arms. This pub was saved from the brink by a group of local residents who fought to get it listed as one of the UK’s first Assets of Community Value in October 2012. The campaign went on doggedly for 929 days with the Chesham finally reopening it’s doors as a pub again in Summer 2015. Read more here

Pale Fire stole it’s name from a novel in the form of a poem, whose title was lifted from a Shakespeare play…. The cultural plundering doesn’t stop with the name of the beer. The label too is an homage to the great Californian poolscapes painted by David Hockney. Heat haze, pine trees, swimming pool all you need now is a beer. Perfect.