Join us for the launch of this collaboration beer at our Hackney taproom The Experiment

Thursday 26th July 5pm

19 Bohemia Place, Hackney

E8 1DU

-Hazy Coalition-


Fermented with a yeast blend of S-04 and Windsor Ale, this beer is a micro-collaboration of microorganisms and microbreweries. A coalition of haze.

Label artwork by Hannah Place

Boxcar Brewing are a small outfit with big ambitions. Brewer Sam has been making waves with his super fresh double dry hopped pales and IPAs for a while now, working out of his small batch experimental brewery in Homerton, just down the road from our original site in Hackney Central. We met Sam as neighbours last year, keen to understand his approach to the style and generally chat beer and brewing techniques.

For us, collaboration brewing is all about sharing knowledge, innovating and improving our beers. We started making New England styles earlier this year and recently brewed a beer with the guys from Verdant, and we learnt plenty of tips and techniques during our time spent together. Hazy Coalition is a natural extension of this adventure for us. Sam has been experimenting with blending of yeast strains, changing the minerality of the brewing liquor and dry-hopping for different lengths of time and at different temperatures. Given his small batch size he can be really flexible in this approach and its invaluable to learn from his findings.

Hazy Coalition is a double dry hopped IPA, with Azacca, Citra and El Dorado hops at 20 grams per litre. We dry hopped twice, once towards the end of fermentation and a final big charge at full attenuation.

The hop combo we used means the beer has a big tropical mango and pineapple aroma from the El Dorado, tough of spice and tangerine from the Azacca and the famous grapefruit zest notes from the Citra. The mid-fermentation dry hop lends a touch of sherbet character, and as the hops interact with the yeast, this provides a full-on thick and hazy appearance. The tropical fruit hop flavours sit on a low bitterness, low colour wort with a creamy and full mouthfeel due to the addition of oats, dextrin malt and un-malted wheat in the grist.

Keep an eye on Sam and the Boxcar Brewery as they are working on a new bigger site with a public taproom. We’ll also have a few of their beers on in our taprooms to celebrate the collaboration.

From Sam Dickison head brewer/ co-founder of Boxcar

“Working with the Pressure Drop crew was both fun and educational. We exchanged ideas about yeast, malt, hops and water.  I brought my favourite yeast combination to the brew: Lallemand Windsor and Fermentis S-04. It’s a collaboration of two breweries and two yeasts by different producers. I’m already looking forward to our next collaboration brew at our place when we have our new brewery.”